Poetry @ Library

love-and-yearning-3.jpgLove&Yearning April is the national poetry month . Let’s celebrate that with becoming poetic. I remember when I was in graduate school working and studying in the library most of the time. One late night I started watching people going upstairs and downstairs, between catalog computer and the stacks. I noticed there were sometimes 10 trips  or more to find a useful book to write a paper or to define a dissertation. There was a sudden feeling running through my mind and became words. To visualize what I was witnessing , in honor of national poetry month, I like to share those words here.





I work in the library

 My library is  a hundred years old

With lots of glasses to the sky

With curve ceiling , all around

Patient, Standing, Living with love

Teaching, Talking to everyone:


Let them grow

at own pace, and never never

talking about I





I saw people in the library

looking everywhere, searching everywhere

going up the stairs, down to the basement

looking for the meaning of love

opening  the books

copying every possible image

reading the latest magazine

searching the computer; finishing the search by a smile or a cry!

Becoming certain of definition , defining in new ways.


I saw people coming back again, looking everywhere

going up the stairs , down to the basement

looking for the meaning of ….but

never realizing the meaning is not written any where , it has not been defined . The meaning is not the meaning at all.


The love is the library,

Stands there hundred years , to teach.



Nashville, TN    1989


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One response to “Poetry @ Library

  1. siross

    Words of worlds
    World of words
    Seeds seeding
    Working world
    time fleets in passing
    I’m glad I’m here
    Comforting work
    Comforting world
    Comfort me
    So I share
    the month is over.

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