Researching companies online

investment-cartoon21Whether you are researching companies in search of a job or for investment purposes, the Internet has made it a whole faster and easier. Much of the information is free. The Library has a number of business databases to help you in your research. You’ll find these from the home page under the “research menu” then click on “articles and databases”. On this list you’ll see “business and investments.” You will need a library card to access them. A company’s own web site is the first place to start. You’ll find information about its history, finances, products and services. Several comprehensive websites update stock prices throughout the day, report company historical financial information, earnings and dividends. Two such sites are and Valuable information for investors are company financial reports filed with the SEC. Many of these reports are available on the Yahoo finance site and also at For up to date company news, check out for press releases. At you’ll find lots of data. At you find information about how much of a company is owned by mutual funds and institutional investors. To find out which company owns a brand, go to Be sure to check out discussion boards on Yahoo and also at Be sure to check out The Motley Fool column in your local newspaper that was the basis for this posting.


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