Assistive Technology is here to help you!


Do you, or anybody you know,  have problem accessing information at the library’s computer station due to aging, vision, hearing, or mobility difficulties?  If you do, no problem from now on.  Union City Library, part of the Alameda County Library system, is happy to offer some new and updated assistive technologies to help you read, listen, and even write better at some of our work stations. 

These AssistiveTechnologies are loaded into two computers in the Union City library.   With these applications, aging and all the members including children and youth with special needs can benefit from it.  You will see and read easier with the bigger screen, keyboard, and font.  There are even software loaded to help you write better and gadget to use to help you listen clearer. 

Come to our open house scheduled on Thursday, April 30th from 5 pm to 7 pm in our own meeting room.  The open house will highlight these new services that can help you access information a lot easier.  While learning how to take advantages of these new services, you can also fill your tommies with some yummy refreshments too.

The Open house is being co-sponsored by the Center for Accessible Technology and the Easy Bay Learning Disabilities Association, and the services are made possible by a grant from the California Consumer Protection Foundation and the Alameda County Library Foundation.  Thanks to all of them to help all our special need members to get and enjoy access to information otherwise they can’t.


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