Photography: Capturing light

Every family has a camera that they will be using to capture a great picture. However the most important factor is the photographer. We have to know the basic principle of photography. The photographer must be able to control the light; for example in bight sun must get the less exposure either by changing the speed of shutter or its opening. Art of photography will help us to be able to see. These are some suggestions here with the partial review of the Library journal. There are more titles in the library…

Capturing light : masterpieces of California photography, 1850 to the presentcapturing the light

This book accompanies an exhibit that opened in March 2001 at the Oakland Museum, where Johnson is curator of fine art photography. Arranged chronologically along with the photographs are essays by five well-known photohistorians and critics: Therese Thau Heyman (who built the photography collection at the Oakland Museum from the 1960s), Peter Palmquist, Naomi Rosenblum, Sally Stein, and Andy Grundberg.

Black and white photography : manifest visions : an international collection

This book presents an absolutely stunning collection of work hauntingly beautiful landscapes, intriguing still lifes, and tender portraits by 104 contemporary artists. Individually, the photographs are fresh, exquisite, and often startling. As a whole, the book stands as an impressive, often breathtaking portfolio of the finest of contemporary photography. A photographer and instructor at the International Center for Photography, Luciana wisely does not weigh down this book with unneeded commentary. He offers a short introduction in which he explains his quiet method of arranging the images, then allows the photographs to speak for themselves. The selection of images and grouping of artists is outstanding; as a result, turning the pages of the book is like strolling through an exhibition at one’s favorite art museum. It is difficult to imagine how one could produce a better, more original book about contemporary photographic art.

And of Course the most important figure in artistic photography is Ansel Adams.



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