What Can You Do This Summer?


Even though the first day of summer is still 10 days away, the New Heaven School District has its last day of school today!  That means all the children and teens go to the public schools in the Union City will have their summer vacation start tomorrow.  Are you ready for the fun, yet??

Summer time can be very relaxing, or busy too.   For those of you who work, you might need to plan some activities for your children.  Make good use of the summer time to learn a new life skill, develop a new hobby, read some good books, or go to a camp could be some of  the choices.  If you haven’t planned the summer for your kids or yourself; here are some links you might want to check them out:

  • Union City’s Leisure Services offers many different camps for people aged 3 to 16 throughout the city
  • Union City’s Adult School offers some interesting adult classes
  • Union City Library offers the Summer Reading Game for EVERYONE, yes, it is for everyone.  You can read some good books and earn yourself some surprising prizes at the same time.  Come to the library to sign up for the game today, and you can start to read and play the  game starting next Monday (6/15) through 8/15.  There are also various summer programs to educate and entertain the whole family too. 

Other than the summer games and programs we specially design for you, library is a “cool” place to hang out, no matter the temperature is shooting high in the 90’s or not.  Just come to visit us and you will find a treasure here in the library waiting for you.

summer-camp-3                                                   summer camp 2summer




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