Three Princesses Stories

Most girls are coming to the library searching for books on princesses. All they see in those stories are grace and beauty. The princess of folk tale are often challenged in many surprising and unexpected ways as they grow up. This is also true about the real princess. The adult reader can find them in biography section!

Pilgrim Princess : A Life of Princess Zinaida Volkonsky

Describes the life of the beautiful and talented princess, born to one of Russia’s oldest families, who gave up her life of power and privilege to take vows of poverty as a Franciscan tertiary and help the poor.

2001 Booklist Reviews 
This richly textured biography details the life of a truly remarkable woman. Born in 1789 into the most prestigious ranks of the highly stratified Russian aristocracy, Princess Zinaida was a widely admired member of Czar Alexander’s inner circle. Traveling across the continent with the Russian imperial contingent during the long years of the Napoleonic Wars, she observed, at close range, the various military campaigns and came into intimate contact with some of the most politically powerful men in Europe. After the conclusion of the hostilities she returned to Russia, establishing the most famous and influential literary and musical salon of the era. Most intriguing, however, was Zinaida’s eventual conversion to Roman Catholicism and her increasing concern with the plight of the poor. Spending the final decades of her life in Rome, she eschewed the life of luxury and privilege into which she had been born, choosing instead to become a Franciscan lay missionary dedicated to easing the burdens of the sick and destitute. A well-researched historical biography that reads like a work of fiction.


The double life of PocahontasA biography of the famous American Indian princess, emphasizing her life-long relationship to John Smith and the roles she played in two very different cultures. 

Gulbadan: portrait of Rose Princess at the Mughal Court

Goulbadan Begam, Princess Rosebody was the youngest daughter of Babur, the first Mughal Emperor of India. Her memoirs provide a unique document of history, the story of a xixteenth century Mughal royal family as seen through the loyal but keen eyes of a lady .She decribes battles, escapes, nomadic wanderings, life in the haram, her pilgrimage to Mecca and many other scenes in a way which conveys the atmosphere of period and place. Beautiful Indian and Persian miniature painting add a vivid commentary to this book.


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