Monday Children’s Book Reviews for June 15

Two at the Zoo: a Counting Book by Danna Smith

A grandfather and grandchild visit the zoo, where they see one black bear, two green parrots, three baby alligators, four growling, prowling lions, and so on until the tired pair heads for home.    [JPB SMITH]

The Yggyssey: how Iggy wondered what happened to all the ghosts, found out where they went, and went there  by Daniel Pinkwater

“Yggdrasil Birnbaum, known to most peoply as Iggy, is in a conundrum. Several of her ghost friends and their ghostly associates are disappearing. This is quite unnerving, as ghosts generally don’t change locations once they’ve decided to spend eternity there. Iggy and her friends Neddie, Seamus, and an apparition or two set out to find exactly what’s going on. Some super sleuthing and helpful hints lead them to an alternative plane of existence, but the adventures don’t stop there! Sequel to The Neddiad.” [J PINKWATER]

Solar System by Lisa E Greathouse

“Have you ever looked into the night sky and wondered what was out there? Have you seen the twinkling lights and imagined what they looked like up close.”

“Presents an introduction to the solar system, discussing the Sun, planets, the Earth, dwarf planets, asteroids, meteorites, comets, and constellations.”     [J523.2 GREATHOUSE]

Robots by the editors of Yes Magazine

“Introduces robots that work (defusing bombs, assembling cars, assisting surgeons, exploring Mars) and play (riding camels, kicking soccer balls). The short chapters are divided into three categories: The World of Robots, which gives an overview and a history of the industry; Robots at Work; and the Robotic Future. Each section is packed with fascinating information, entertaining cartoon graphics, and numerous full-color photographs. The text is hip and accessible. Amazing photographs of robots in action across the Earth and in space, as well as images of famous robots from the big screen, such as R2-D2 from Star Wars, Sonny from I, Robot, and Rodney from Robots.”   [J629.892 ROBOTS]


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