Zen, Spirituality, and Success

There are many people coming to the library using library resources for their job search. Library has many resources that might be helpful in one’s effort. Computer‘s word-process, Internet search, accessing email and online search and applying for different opening. The library also offers series of workshops and Career resource books on resume writing, interviewing. Not to forget our online databases to find businesses based on employee size, sales volume, type of business and location.

However according to career consultants there is also one other aspect of this search is finding the job one likes and have meaning and looking at the process is to define the career goal .

Deepak Chopra in his book the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success discusses that the law of intention and desire”Indent I every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment.Intention as desire in the field of pure potentiality have infinite organizing power.”

In the book Zen and the Art of making a Living, the author discusses a practical guide to creative career design.  He describes this art in 4 distinctive phases. “The third one is the battle for the life’s work; that will take place within socio-economic and temporal spatial limitation.”

In Thomas Moore book called A Life at work to search for a job is like a entering a world of chaos. Sometimes seems to be an struggle between what one loves to do and the jobs that are available, Library Journal indicates in the review that Moore focuses on the many obstacles we face in this quest–for example, the chaotic way that our lives often unfold, the failures we’ve faced, and our tendencies to try to find quick solutions rather than go through the process of really learning who we are, what we need.”

These books and many other are available in the library and hope they help you on your search. Please let us know how we can assist to you.


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