Monday Children’s Book Reviews for July 6

Curious George Plants a Tree by Monica Perez

 “George loves to go to the science museum. So, when he finds out that the museum is planning a “Green Day” dedicated to recycling and planting trees, and George is curious and wants to help out! But little monkeys eager to help can sometimes become little monkeys getting into trouble. When George begins to find and recycle things around town that aren’t quite ready for the recycle bin, he gets into a jam. Thankfully, George isn’t the only one who wants to help—the whole community can’t wait to lend a hand—and help George and the museum plant some trees!” Based on characters and artwork created by Margret and H. A Rey      [JPB PEREZ]

Fast Train, Slow Train, illustrated by Tommy Stubbs

“Edward and James both must go to Ballahoo. Edward is slow and careful while James is fast and proud. James teases Edward about being such a slowcoach, but Edward is determined to be Really Useful even if he is not fast. A Thomas & Friends version of the classic fable, The Tortoise and the Hare. Perfect for Bright and Early readers!”       [JE FAST]

Replay: a New Book by Sharon Creech

“When twelve-year-old Leo, from a rambunctious Italian-American family, discovers a journal his father wrote at his age, he stumbles on a family secret. Leo also gets a small role in a school play, the production of which weaves through the story. Leo and his family are vividly drawn, and the multiple stories draw together at the end. The school play is appended.” Copyright 2006 Horn Book Guide Reviews.   [J CREECH]

Beading: Bracelets, Barrettes, and Beyond by Thiranut Boonyadhistarn

“Learn how to make your very own beaded bracelets, necklaces, and much more. This cutting-edge new book from the Snap Books Crafts series will show you how.”         [J745.582 BOONYADHISTARN]


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