From Soul Mates to Maneater!

Join the reading game @ the library and read either a book by San Francisco Bay Area author, or about San Francisco Bay area!

One of these authors is New York Times best selling author Mary B. Morrison. She has been a guest twice at the library giving talk about writing and self- publishing.

She lives in Oakland. And her love of life is her son Jesse

who plays basketball for University of San Francisco.

According to our Literature Resource Center; in 1999, Mary B. Morrison left a successful civil service career in Washington, DC, to try her hand at fiction. Her resulting first novel, Soul Mates Dissipate, which was initially self-published, proved to be a bestseller in the romance genre, and was later reissued by a Kensington Books imprint. Morrison also published her first erotic novel under the pseudonym Honey B. in 2007.

Read, Enjoy, and  Join the weekly drawing for the summer game @ the library and win a gift card!



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2 responses to “From Soul Mates to Maneater!

  1. Foxy Monotgomery

    I love Mary B. Morrison’s Books. This is a good read.

  2. Foxy Montgomery

    I love this book. It’s a good read.

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