From June 1 through July 10 the Union City Library was a donation site for the Alameda County Food Bank‘s Summer Food Drive. A large bin was delivered to the Library lobby, and signs and a blog entry announced the drive.

Library visitors and staff responded very generously, and enough food was donated to fill not one but two large bins! Cans of vegetables, fruit, soup, tuna, jars of peanut butter, boxes of cereal and rice were brought in to share. To quote from the Food Bank website:

“About Hunger

“Each month, tens of thousands of low-income Alameda County residents cannot afford well-balanced meals for themselves and their families. Many never imagined they would need to request food assistance, but barren cupboards and empty pockets have led them to local soup kitchens and food pantries.

“More people face this experience each year. As the cost of living increases and government safety net programs weaken, the demand for emergency food continues to climb.”

It is never too late to donate! The need, unfortunately, never goes away, even though the barrel is no longer in the Library lobby. But all it takes is one click to


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