Early Readers! We Have New Early Readers!

If you make it in to the Union City Library soon you might see a welcome sight – lots of pretty new early readers! In addition to old favorite Henry and Mudge, author Cynthia Rylant has written some new Puppy Mudge stories for very beginning readers. And Christine Ricci has new Dora books, just for you! Here are just a few:

Puppy Mudge Finds a Friend by Cynthia Rylant [Pre-Level 1, JE RYLANT]

Henry’s puppy Mudge enjoys playing with Fluffy the cat.

Ballet Sisters: The Newest Dancer by Jan Ormerod   [JE ORMEROD]

Sylvie gets to attend ballet school, just like her big sister.

The Halloween Cat by Christine Ricci   [Level 1 Ready-to-Read JE RICCI]

Dora and Boots help a small black cat find its way home to the Candy Castle on Halloween.

What’s That, Mittens? by Lola M. Schaefer [I Can Read! My First  JE SCHAEFER]

When Mittens the kitten digs a hole under the fence in the yard, he meets a new friend–Max the dog.

Pete’s Party by Jon Scieszka [Jon Scieszka’s Trucktown. Level one, Ready-to-roll JE SCIESZKA]

The Trucktown trucks follow the road signs directing them to Pete’s party.


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