Pleasure of Dreaming & Playing the Summer Reading Game

Join the Adult Reading Game @ the Library!

Where people fly and water runs uphill : using dreams to tap the wisdom of the unconsious

Jeremy Taylor

An expert in the field of dream study offers an accessible guide with an original perspective on how to capture and use dreams to understand and change life events.


Read either a book by San Francisco Bay Area author, or about San Francisco Bay area!

If you have not been reading any books from San Francico bary Area authors ; you must read from one of these authors , just to understand your dream. Important part of our lives spend sleeping and dreaming. According to these books all dreams are the way of psyche (individual of collective) to communicate a vision for healing.


Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work With Them

Stanley Krippner

Unique and highly readable, this book combines a historical and cross-cultural approach to an understanding of extraordinary dreams with systematic steps for working with clients’ dreams in either an individual or group situation. The first two chapters carry the reader through an overview from earliest recorded history in Roman and Greek civilizations to the currently accepted paradigms for why people dream, including relevant scientific data for present-day approaches. The authors organize most of the book by categories of extraordinary dreams–creative, lucid, out-of-body, pregnancy, healing, dreams within dreams, collective, telepathic, clairvoyant, precognitive, past life, initiation, and spiritual or visitation. For each category, they give pertinent historical and cross-cultural links, first person accounts of dreams, relevant research, and specific instructions for working through dreams to better enhance self-understanding.


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