Monday Children’s Book Reviews for August 10

EYEWITNESS BOOKS are amazing! They are informative, factual, trustworthy, and beautiful to look at. And the Union City Library has them! Brand new copies of the latest edition of many Eyewitness Books are available to enjoy and check out. Here are some examples [arranged by Dewey Decimal System call number]:

Eyewitness Islam by Philip Wilkinson

Discover the faith, culture, and history that have shaped the modern Islamic world.                    [J297 WILKINSON]

Eyewitness Spy by Richard Platt

“Presents information about men and women spies throughout history as well as about the tools and equipment they used in espionage and intelligence service.” Includes a CD of clip art. [J327.12 PLATT]

Eyewitness Money by Joe Cribb

“Examines the symbolic and material meaning of money, from shekels, shells, and beads to gold, silver, checks, and credit cards, and discusses how coins and banknotes are made, the value of money during wartime, and how to collect coins.”      [J332.4 CRIBB]

Eyewitness Astronomy by Kristen Lippincott

Here is a spectacular, thought-provoking, and highly informative guide to the fascinating world of astronomy. Superb full-color photographs of scientific instruments, experiments, and innovative 3-D models reveal the discoveries and research that have transformed our understanding of the Universe. See how sailors navigated by the Sun and stars, where the asteroid belt is, how the planets and constellations were named, why the Earth was considered the center of the Universe, what a black hole is, and the hot volcanic surface of Venus. Learn how space probes photograph planets, what causes a meteor shower, what makes Mars red, why the Sun shines, where the Moon came from, how the first telescopes worked, the stages in the life of a star, and how the Earth’s atmosphere sustains life. Discover what creates auroras, why the Zero Meridian is located at Greenwich in England, how the amazing early observatories were built, how Saturn could float on water, the “sound” of our own galaxy, how a comet is formed, and much, much more.”   [J520 LIPPINCOTT]

Other new Eyewitness titles at Union City Library include Battle [J355 HOLMES], Natural Disasters [J363.34 WATTS], Crime and Detection [J364 LANE], Electricity [J537 PARKER], Chemistry [J540 SYMES], Crystal and Gem [J548 SYMES], Ocean [J551.46 MACQUITTY], Weather [J551.5 COSGROVE], Climate Change [J551.6 WOODWARD], Rocks and Minerals [J552 SYMES], Oil [J553.282 FARNDON], Evolution [J576.8 GAMLIN], Ecology [J577 Pollock], Bird [J598 BURNIE], Train [J625.1 COILEY], Horse [J636.1 CLUTTON-BROCK], Great Musicians [J780.922 ZIEGLER], Dance [J792.8 GRAU], Pirate [J910.45 PLATT], Early Humans [J930.1 EARLY], Mesopotamia [J935 STEELE], Knight [J940.1 GRAVETT], Da Vinci and His Times [J940.21 LANGLEY], World War I [J940.3 ADAMS], and North American Indian [J970.00497MURDOCH].

Come to the Union City Library and enjoy the bounty!




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