Monday Children’s Book Reviews for August 17

Let’s enjoy the last few weeks of summer! There’s still time to relax, visit the beach or take in a museum. Plan a picnic, and maybe a bicycle ride. And don’t forget to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, if you haven’t already. Or see it again!

Camp Out: The Ultimate Kids’ Guide: From the Backyard to the Backwoods by Lynn Brunelle

“With 174 activities, games, skills, projects, recipes, songs, experiments, crafts, and more to make, learn, play, and do outdoors”

Contents” Gearing up: how to plan and what to pack — Home away from home: setting up camp — Good grub: fun food for hungry campfolk — Camping skills: tying knots, getting around, and staying found — Something’s in the air: watching the weather — What’s up?: the night sky — Backpack naturalist: experiments and projects — Crafty camping: outdoorsy arts and crafts — Letting loose: campout fun and games — Who goes there?: animal tracks and scat — The singing camper’s book of silly songs.”         [J796.54 BRUNELLE]

Play With Us: 100 Games From Around the World by Oriol Ripoll

“A collection of games from around the world include traditional games that can be played indoors and outdoors, alone or with a group, and run the gamut from quiet board games to wild games of chase.”      [J790.1922 RIPOLL]

Family Vacation by Fiona Lock

“This Level 1 DK Reader lets the very youngest of readers join a family on an exciting vacation, visiting beaches, amusement parks, and more.” [JE 790.191 LOCK]


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