From the land of green ghost: A Burmese Odyssey

In 1988 Dr. John Casey, a Cambridge don visiting Burma, was told of a waiter in Mandalay with a passion for the works of James Joyce, Intrigued by this unlikely story , he visited the restaurant where he met Pascal Khoo Thwe. The encounter was to change both their lives.

PASCAL KHOO THWE was born in 1967 in a remote part of Burma’s Shan State. In 1989he left for England and studied English at Cambridge University. He now lives in London. This is his first book

From the Land of Green Ghosts is a requiem written in exile for a once rich country destroyed by a corrupt regime. It honors the ideals of fellow students in their dream of a free and multiethnic Burma. And while it bears the wry and unmistakable imprint of Pascal’s literary education, it has an Immediacy and lyrical candor all its own. A Political statements as well as a poetic lament, the book is a true work of art.” _ Financial Times

and also do not miss the program @ Union City Library on Wednesday September 16 at 1:30 p.m.

Asian Art Museum Program comes to the Alameda County Library
Emerald Cities: Arts of Siam and Burma, 1775-1950
An Overview of the upcoming exhibit to be held at the museum
A docent from the San Francisco Asian Art Museum will give a preview of the upcoming museum exhibition on the historical, cultural and artistic background of the objects.
The presentation will include illustrations with images of the exhibition objects.


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