Monday Children’s Book Reviews for September 14

It’s never too early to start thinking about Science Fair projects, and the Union City Library has just what you need! Check out some of these new books:

First Place Science Fair Projects for Inquisitive Kids by Elizabeth Snoke Harris

“Opens with an introduction to science-fair projects, followed by sections devoted to project ideas in biology, physical science, and chemistry. Most of the experiments call for common household items. The simple, easy-to-follow directions are geared toward beginners.”        [J507.8 HARRIS]

The Science of a Loaf of Bread: the Science of Changing Properties by Andrew Solway

“Bread is a staple food in many countries. Just a few simple ingredients – flour, yeast, and water – become a crusty, tasty loaf in the oven. Are you hungry for the facts? Bite into The Science of a Loaf of Bread to learn about the physical and chemical changes that happen between the mixing bowl and the serving plate.”    [J507.8 SOLWAY]

Scientific American: More Simple Science Fair Projects, Grades 3-5  by Salvatore Tocci

“Accompanied by simple drawings, these sensible experiments are presented straightforwardly: each project has an experimental question/hypothesis, background information, materials, procedure, results, and conclusion; a secondary experiment generally follows.”          [J507.8 TOCCI]

Blue Ribbon Science Fair Projects by Glen Vecchione

“Contains fun science fair projects that encourage learning and could win you a blue ribbon

Contents: Metric equivalents — Fun with critters — Ask a friend — Magnet madness — Lots of botany — Build it better — Creative chemistry — Sky watch — Physics surprises — Amusing math”       [J507.8 VECCHIONE]

Light & Sight by Jon Richards

“Uses simple experiments to describe the properties of light and to demonstrate how rainbows are made, the importance of sunlight to life on Earth, how to create moving pictures, and more.”                  [J535.078 RICHARDS]

Easy Genius Science Projects With Electricity and Magnetism: Great Experiments and Ideas by Robert Gardner

“Spark your interest in science by learning about electricity and magnetism. Build an electromagnet, learn how circuits work, and more. Using the ideas and experiments presented in this book, students can come up with their own ideas for successful science fair projects.”   [J537.078 GARDNER]

Chemistry Projects With a Laboratory You Can Build by Robert Gardner

“Robert Gardner guides the reader to make his own laboratory with simple materials and household substances. Then it is time to start experimenting! Does mass change when water freezes? What is the source of the gas in a seltzer tablet? Great ideas for science fair projects are included.” [J540.78 GARDNER]

Machines and Work by Patricia Whitehouse

“Presents a variety of science projects on the topic of machinery, from dealing with friction to designing a fast boat, and offers tips on project presentation.”   [J621.8078 WHITEHOUSE]


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  1. lena marie

    wonderful books darliin9 this is a great book because of its great ideas this is truly a winner

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