Homework Help Available at the Library and Online at Home

homeworkAll students in grades K-12 are invited to Union City Library for free homework help in all subjects. The center is open Monday-Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 except on school or County holidays. No registration is required and is available on a drop in basis. Parents of students in grades K-4 are requested to remain in the building while their children are in the Homework Center. Homework assistance is provided by teen volunteers under the supervision of 2 adult coordinators. Help is available in Spanish and English. Paper, pencils, calculators, laptops, and some textbooks are available for student use.  For more information contact the information desk at the Union City Branch at 510-745-1464 X 7.

HomeworkHelpNowIn addition to the Homework Center at the library, students can get help online by going to the Library’s homepage, www.aclibrary.org and clicking on “Homework Help Now” on the left side of the pageHelpNow is a comprehensive suite of tutoring services designed for a range of academic needs; whether it’s tackling a tough homework problem, learning an academic skill, or writing a term paper. You will need your library card number.


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  1. Maybe this could help the students that come to your library ?

    A classic homework problem is that students making the transition from elementary to middle school don’t know how to schedule their time and homework, which often leads to the “I forgot my homework again” blues. You can find lots of tips telling parents and students that they should plan homework but very few that tell you how.

    I couldn’t find a single method or tool that gives students (and parents) at the same time a bird’s eye view of their activities for a few weeks and a close-up view of what needs to be done tonight – all in one glance.

    So, as a member of a planning team (and a parent too), we adapted professional planning methods and developed a free, ultra low-tech, easy-to-make solution for students. Our solution is a tool for the “How do you plan homework and projects”.

    All the information is on a web site ( http://www.plan-it-yourself.com/ ) with a Creative Commons license so that everyone can use it.

    The web site has ready-made planning sheets that can be printed and 3 videos that explain: “Why you need it”, “How to make it”, and “How to use it”.

    Our solution is quick, simple, and free, thus giving students of all economic backgrounds an equal chance to get organized.

    This is the result of our participation in President Obama’s “United We Serve” initiative this summer. http://serve.gov/stories_detail.asp?tbl_servestories_id=193

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