Here I am

 “I am the crazy one who a few years before founded the local public library; the dreamer who believe that books are part of the solution for a better world.’’

-Form the book Here I am by Lamberto Roque Hernandez

 Once again Union City Library is pleased to invite you to meet the author  Lamberto Roque Hernandez .On Sunday November first, he  will give a talk on his second book “Here I am” published in 2008. This is his first book in English.  Mr. Hernandez is a native of Tilcajete, village of no more than 2000 people located at the foot of the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico. He is a descendent of the Zapotec People. He is a teacher in California, a father of two and a husband. He lives in Oakland.


In 2002 Union City Library hosted a program featuring Lamberto Roque Harnandez as a local Mexican-American author who was published for the first time. The book called Cartas a Crispina in Spanish language. The book shared the experiences of an immigrant child on the first day of school while remembering the country she left behind.


Join us Sunday November 1, 2009 @ 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. ,  as Lamberto talks about his journey “leaving a hostile world behind to face an uncertain one ahead “and reads from his book.



An Article with the title: Alice Wagner and Lamberto Roque-Hernandez: A Passion for book,
about Lamberto and his wife was published two years ago in San Francisco Gate , the living section…  Check it out.


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