Mid-Autumn Festival is here!




If you happened to pass the Chinese bakeries or have been to the oriental supermarkets recently, you must have noticed the seasonal display of tons of various sweet cakes moon_cakeeverywhere.  Yes, that’s right, they are the Moon Cakes for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.  Sometimes people call it Moon Festival too.  In 2009, this holiday falls on this coming Saturday, October the 3rd.


The festival is the second most important festival to the Spring Festival to Chinese.  Traditionally, it is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month in observance of the bountiful Autumn harvest. The full moon represents reunion of all the family members.  That’s why although old rituals are no longer followed, people still try to go home from anywhere if possible to meet their family and have dinner together (just like American do for the Thanksgiving).  Families continue to gather for a day or two to relax and eat moon cakes.   Upon this occasion, the legend of the Moon Goddess, CHANG-O, is often told to children.


You can learn more about Mid-Autumn Festival here.




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