Bread and  Dreams by Jonatha Ceely 

                   Pursuing her dreams of building a new life for herself, Mina heads for America in 1848 to seek her fortune in the bustling, challenging, and treacherous city of New York and to locate her beloved long-lost brother, struggling all the while with her growing feelings for her companion and friend, Mr. Serle, in the sequel to Mina.

Across a Hundred Mountains/traves de cien montanas by Reyna Grande

Leaving her small Mexico hometown after years of caring for her mother, Juana Garcia embarks on a search for the father who disappeared nineteen years earlier and teams up with Adelina Vasquez, who left her family to pursue forbidden.

 If you are interested to talk to an immigrant, up close and personal, come to meet the local author Lamberto Roque Herandez as he reads from his first book in English Here I am. on Sunday November first @ the Union City Library.


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