Monday Children’s Book Reviews for November 2

Adios, Oscar! A Butterfly Fable by Peter Elwell

“When Oscar the caterpillar discovers that he will one day become a butterfly, he’s overjoyed. And his friend Edna the bookworm encourages his hopes of flying to Mexico with the other Monarch butterflies. To prepare, Oscar learns Spanish and dreams of flying through the purple Sierra Madre Mountains. But when Oscar emerges from his cocoon with stubby little wings, a craving for the taste of designer sweaters — and the urge to take a spin around the bathroom lightbulb– his dreams are dashed. There will be no trip to Mexico for Oscar — or will there? Yes there will! Oscar ignores the limitations of being a moth and learns how to dream like a butterfly!”     [JPB ELWELL]

Morris the Moose by B. Wiseman

“In this story Morris encounters what he considers to be a funny-looking moose. Cow insists that she is a cow but since she has “four legs and a tail and things on her head,” Morris concludes that she is a moose like him. Both Morris and the cow encounter similar difficulty when they attempt to have a deer arbitrate their dispute.”       [JE WISEMAN]

The Princess Plot by Kirsten Boie

“Royalty and castles? Check. Intrigue and mystery? Check. Secrets and undercover agents? Check!

The Princess Plot might sound like just another book about a princess and her castle, but watch out: reading this book was more like uncovering a deep, dark mystery. There were twists and turns I never saw coming! Written by Kirsten Boie and translated from German, The Princess Plot is suitable for readers age 8-12 and, at almost 400 pages, is a hearty read.”                                               [from Ink Splot 26]   [J BOIE]

Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez

“Apolonia “Lina” Flores is a sock enthusiast, a volleyball player, a science lover, and a girl who’s just looking for answers. Even though her house is crammed full of books (her dad’s a bibliophile), she’s having trouble figuring out some very big questions, like why her dad seems to care about books more than her, why her best friend’s divorced mom is obsessed with making cascarones (hollowed eggshells filled with colorful confetti), and, most of all, why her mom died last year. Like colors in cascarones, Lina’s life is a rainbow of people, interests, and unexpected changes.

In her first novel for young readers, Diana López creates a clever and honest story about a young Latina girl navigating growing pains in her South Texan city.”     [from LB-Kids]         [J LOPEZ]

Sam Stern’s Get Cooking

“Sam Stern is a teenage chef from the United Kingdom. Get Cooking is his third cookbook. He writes as a teen as opposed to an uptight classically trained chef, but the cookbook contains some interesting recipes like homemade crackers, homemade cream cheese alongside traditionals such as tomato soup and mac n’ cheese.”  [from 5 Minutes For Books]     [J641.5 STERN]


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