Shimmering Images

“Over the past few years memoir has enjoyed as upsurge in popularity, and that is really good news. Clearly, there is something exciting and important about the very personal process of writing our stories and sharing them with others. Some might call it self indulgent, or even narcissistic, to become so wrapped up in our lives. But for the serious memoirist, the act of writing is much more than that . I think of the writings of Anais Nin, whose “diaries,” As she called them, were not only elegantly written but took readers deep into the inner mysteries of her life. Some of what she wrote was painfully intimate, reminding us of the closeness we all long for. And often it was this intimacy that universalized Anais’s most personal and even embarrassing scenes.”

 From Shimmering images : a handy little guide to writing memoir by Lisa Dale Norton

As Julia  Cameron  states beautifully in her book Right to Write “it is human nature to write” .  Do not miss the Journal Writing  & Memoir Writing program : Capturing Life  Stories @ the Union City Library on Wednesday December 2. The program starts at 1;30 p.m.


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