Starting Your Own Business

Since March 2009, about $375 million in stimulus has been used to increase government guarantees on 7(a) loans to 90% and eliminate borrower fees on both 7(a) and 504 loans. Both houses are discussing extending that funding. The SBA says stimulus money has so far supported about 36,000 loans, totaling $14 billion. Before those funds were available, 7(a) lending had dropped about 50%. Based on current loan volume, SBA spokesman Jonathan Swain estimates it would take about $50 million to $55 million more per month to continue the initiatives.

Business Week, Dec 14, 2009 p62

When respondents were asked about their pipeline for new business for the balance of 2009, 41 percent responded that they expect a sales increase, 35 percent predict it will stay the same, while only 15 percent anticipate decreasing sales and 9 percent  weighed in as unsure.

San Diego Business Journal, Oct 5, 2009 v30 i40 pA33(2)

Majority of small business owners expecting turnaround in 2010. Human Resources Guide: A Supplement to the San Diego Business Journal

I’m researching new businesses and would like to find out more about successful startups with original concepts. I want to know how much they cost to start, how many people they employ, how much profit they make, how long they’ve been operating, and other statistics. Can you tell me where to find this information? — A.A., Tokyo The information you want won’t be available at your fingertips, but if you’re willing to do some research you can find a good deal of it online. Because startups are private companies, and many of them don’t survive long enough to grow, getting accurate data on them is tricky. That’s particularly true when you’re talking about profitability, a statistic that many entrepreneurs are reluctant to disclose. “There is no one-size-fits-all answer” to your question,” says Thom Ruhe, director of entrepreneurship at the nonprofit Kauffman Foundation. “As for cost to start, that varies dramatically by the type of business being started. Online businesses, for example, require very little capital to start, owing to the many affordable tools that make creating and hosting a Web site a relatively easy thing to do. By comparison, a manufacturing startup could require hundreds of thousands of dollars to get off the ground.

 Business Week Online, Dec 7, 2009

Where to Find Statistics on Startups. Karen E. Klein.

When it comes to building a business you need folks that will do whatever it takes to make the customers happy. The Mrs. Field “purpose” in business is simple: “To build the best cookie in the world and make our customers smile.” If we did  those two things without compromise, we would succeed.

From the book the complete IDIOT ‘S Guide to starting your own business

There are many titles available in the Library that helps you on planning and creating a business.  One way to search under these four subjects:

1. Creative ability  in Business

2. Entrepreneurship

3. Business Planning

4. New business Enterprises Management

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