The Pear Tree

The Pear Tree The film opens in a dark and drab contemporary setting but comes alive with light and color when Mahmoud remembers his childhood from the late 1940s. Suffering from writers block, Mahmoud harkens back to a happier time when he was a shy, awkward 11-year old on his family’s lush estate in Tehran. He recalls his 14-year old cousin and revels in the power that she has over him. That adolescent girl of long ago becomes the muse that inspires him.


The is  the last movie by Dariush Mehrjui.

Modern Iranian cinema begins with Dariush Mehrjui. Mehrjui introduced realism, symbolism, and the sensibilities of art cinema. His films have some resemblance with those of Rosselini, De Sica and Satyajit Ray, but he also added something distinctively Iranian, in the process starting one of the greatest modern film waves.


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