Creative ability & Innovation

Nancy Guzik: finding an authentic voice in today’s art world: through a lot of soul searching and introspection, this New Hampshire painter found her own unique artistic voice and uses her subject matter to shed light on the beauty all around us.

American Artist  (March 2010)

Author: Allison Malafronte.

  “We all strive to become better artists technically, but it’s the honesty of your own personal language coming through that really captivates the viewer,” Guzik explains. “No other artist sees the world exactly as I do or feels what I feel–at story is mine alone to tell. When I start to ask myself questions as a person and a painter, try to understand why I’m drawn to certain subject matter, and become vulnerable enough to paint what’s inside of me, that other dimension starts to come through in my work. We can see this with the painters who have made it–they seem to be connecting with their subjects on a higher level and searching for ways to put their heart and soul into every brushstrokes.”


How to Encourage Small Innovations.(STRATEGY AND EXECUTION).

Business Week Online  February, 1, 2010

The announcement of Apple’s iPad is turning many people’s thoughts to the innovations behind big ideas. Innovations such as these play a critical role in a company’s future, but companies often hinder themselves by focusing on finding the next big thing, when in reality, the next small thing might be more beneficial.


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