Monday Children’s Book Reviews for March 1, 2010

Where’s Tumpty: A Tilly and Friends Book by Polly Dunbar

“Tumpty is trying his hardest to hide … will he ever succeed?

“I’m hiding,” said Tumpty. “You can’t see me!” But everyone can see Tumpty, upside down under a large cardboard box, behind a pot plant. It’s very funny. But later when they really can’t find Tumpty – not in the cupboard or behind the curtain or in the biscuit tin – suddenly it isn’t funny at all…”                                        [JPB DUNBAR]

Around Town by Victoria Taylor

“Explore an exciting and eventful day in the town of LEGO Ville.” Level 1 Beginning to Read                                 [JE TAYLOR]

Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce

“Liam has always felt a bit like he’s stuck between two worlds. This is primarily because he’s a twelve-year-old kid who looks like he’s about thirty. Sometimes it’s not so bad, like when his new principal mistakes him for a teacher on the first day of school or when he convinces a car dealer to let him take a Porsche out on a test drive. But mostly it’s just frustrating, being a kid trapped in an adult world. And so he decides to flip things around. Liam cons his way onto the first spaceship to take civilians into space, a special flight for a group of kids and an adult chaperone, and he is going as the adult chaperone. It’s not long before Liam, along with his friends, is stuck between two worlds again—only this time he’s 239,000 miles from home.” By the author of Millions.               [J COTTRELL BOYCE]

The Story Behind Chocolate by Sean Stewart Price

“What is the food of the gods? How did Aztecs make their chocolate foamy? When were chocolate chip cookies invented? To uncover the hidden facts behind everyday things, explore the secrets of True Stories. True Stories reveals the surprising truth about a range of subjects. Discover everything you could wish to know, and some things you’ll wish you didn’t, about a huge range of topics!”        [J641.3374 PRICE]


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