Chinese New Year Celebration at the Union City Library

Saturday, February 27th, several hundred members and their families came to the Union City library to celebrate the “Chinese New Year – Year of the Tiger” with us.  If you happened to miss it, here are some pictures to share with you: 


  • Our Lion came at 2 p.m. and brought us an exciting kick off of the performance: 








  • Traditional Chinese music instrucments – Erhu and Zither 





  • Beautiful folk dances: 





  • Cute young children performed the Chinese New Year rhymes, and sang with sign language: 





  • Traditional Chinese Magic (Bien Lian – changing the faces), Yo-Yo and Acrobat 


The magician is going to change his mask in a blink of time. Now he has a RED face.


Watch carefully -- here he went ...


From RED to Blue, and ....


Watch even more closely this time, and DO NOT blink ...


Now it is from BLUE to PINK! Can't believe your eyes?? Me neither!





  • Our enthusastic audience:




  • Booths in the meeting room:





  • Few glimpses around the library:





This was how much fun and excitement we had for this Chinese Yew Year program.  Thank you to all who came to celebrate with us.  If you missed it this time; we hope we’ll see you next year! 




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