Monday Children’s Book Reviews for March 22

The Year of the Tiger: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac written by Oliver Chin and illustrated by Justin Roth

2010 is the Year of the Tiger! Despite his parents’ warnings, a princely cub befriends a human, the girl Su. But can Teddy prove the jungle is big enough for both man and beast?

The popular series Tales of the Chinese Zodiac features all twelve animals of the new year! This is the fifth book.         [JPB CHIN]

Andy Shane and the Barn Sale Mystery by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

The spirit of giving takes a twisty turn as Andy schemes to give Granny Webb the best present ever — and ends up with a mystery on his hands.

It’s Andy Shane and Granny Webb’s UNbirthday, and Andy has thought of just the right gift for Granny Webb: a case to hold her beloved binoculars. The only problem is that Andy has no money. But with the help of his friend Dolores Starbuckle, he comes up with the perfect plan — a barn sale! And sure enough, the determined duo sells enough stuff to afford the binoculars case — but now where are the binoculars? The endearing Andy Shane and his enterprising pal Dolores call on their best detective skills in this witty mystery story. But can they solve the case of the missing case in time for the unbirthday party?          [JE JACOBSON]

Tango: the Tale of an Island Dog by Eileen Beha

Tango is used to the good life. He has a silver heart charm for his dog collar, a luxurious doggy bed – even specially made booties for taking walks in Central Park. But disaster strikes when Tango’s owners sail into stormy waters off the coast of Nova Scotia and the little Yorkie is swept overboard. Washed ashore on Prince Edward Island, Tango waits for his owners to come for him. As days turn into weeks, Tango despairs of ever getting back to Manhattan – unless he does something about it himself. Carrying out his plan, Tango finds his path intertwining with a mysterious island fox on the last great journey of his life, a three-legged cat fallen on hard times, a brokenhearted widow, and a runaway girl searching for a home of her own. Will the little dog who is used to the good life ever find a place that his heart calls home?     [J BEHA]

Super Simple Jewelry: Fun and Easy-to-Make Crafts for Kids  by Karen Latchana Kenney

From bright jewelry pendants made from metal washers to necklaces made from scrap-paper beads, the likable projects featured in this book create bright baubles from easy-to-find, inexpensive materials. Each spread combines sharp color photos of the crafts both during construction and then in their finished state, and the book’s design makes following along easy with highlighted lists of steps and bulleted supply lists.     [J739.27 KENNEY]


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