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 The Bookseller  (March 26, 2010): Well, well, well, Dan Brown is announced at last and will obviously dominate July, knocking Katie Price or Audrey Niffenegger off the top spot. There should be a sweepstake for how long he’ll stay at the top in p/b, certainly long enough to affect all those in this article, but I assume they won’t move and nor will the bold, brave campaign for Steven King’s massive Under the Dome. I love the h/b cover but I also adore the p/b promotion, too. Four separate covers with differently aged characters gazing up at the invisible. It is his first full-length novel in two years and despite the length, and because of its addictiveness it is staggeringly quick to read. Once the initial buzz has quietened the reprint will feature the most popular of the four covers, but how the reordering of an individual cover will work I do not know–as they all have the same ISBN…..Read more


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