Thank you Library!

Since the unemployment increased the library has been providing assistance to job-seeking unemployed library users. Our assistance consists of: to introduce them to get the most of our resources. Like the data bases, Reference USA to help them to locate companies that relevant to their field of expertise, using the link on our website.  To help them with resume writing, finding samples online and books helping to get familiar with particular website.  To support members to file application online, to save, to send resume and respond to the job announcement on, to help members to create email account for the first time.   The best was to help members who need to become computer literate for a successful job search. That required a great deal of individual assistant and increasing their time on the computers.

However the news is, one of our members who has been looking for a job in last 17 months, He stopped by the information desk and thanked all the reference staff that helped him and thanked the library. He said he has found the job here on the internet and responded here and received the conformation letter. He found temporary job about 10 months ago and we did not see him for four months and again came back and continued his search again and this time he was hired by Stanford University SlAC National Libratory @ Menlo Park. Mr. Kaye found his job as and Electrical Maintenance  through

Mr. Kaye, you welcome! And we congratulate you and Thank you for sharing your story with us. We look forward to more success stories for our members and for us.

Now comeback and check out a good book for your entertainment!


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