May is Older Americans Month 2010

We celebrated this month with joining The Union City Leisure Services @ The Ralph  & Mary Ruggieri Senior Center for 12th Annual Step Out Walk and Health Faire on Saturday May 8. 2010.

It was a wonderful day of being in the community and to promote the library services. We handout about 110 pencils and 65 flyers for June 9th Program @ the Union City Library,  and also few library applications;  most of all  we were talking to the seniors and their families and let them know  about our services and where we are. The questions came in many forms. Some were interested in ESL Classes and did not know that library offers DVD and materials for ESL. Everyone seemed  to be appreciative about what we offered .We also talked to them  about our Computer tutoring available in the library. There were at least 20 people interested in that subject. Few stopped and looked at our Spanish and Hindi books we had at the display. And one visitor kept reading Mother Teresa  biography we had on display!

A Profile of Older Americans:

Statistics is from

-The older population (65+) numbered 38.9 million in 2008, an increase of 4.5 million or 13.0% since 1998.

-Half of older women (50%) age 75+ live alone.

-Over one in every eight, or 12.8%, of the population is an older American.

-About 471,000 grandparents aged 65 or more had the primary responsibility for their grandchildren who lived with them.

-Older women outnumber older men at 22.4 million older women to 16.5 million older men.

-The median income of older persons in 2008 was $25,503 for males and $14,559 for females.

-About 3.7 million elderly persons (9.7%) were below the poverty level in 2008 which is not statistically different from the poverty rate in 2007 (9.7%).


The celebration is still continued with our Display Age Strong! Live Long!

 The  display consists of books and DVDs on Healing , Health , and a Good diet!

Please come and visit us .


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