Keeping the feast : one couple’s story of love, food, and healing in Italy

A story of food and love, injury and healing, Keeping the feast is a memoir of nourishment and restoration in Italy after a long period of tragedy, and a contemplation of the extraordinary sustaining powers of food, family, friendship, and grace. It’s the story of my family, and what happened to it after a single bullet, fired by a sniper two days before Christmas 1989 in the brief mayhem of Romania’s overthrow of its Communist dictator, nearly killed my husband, John Tagliabue of  The NewYork Times. It’s the story of the reverberations set off by that one bullet up and down the generations of our entire family, and how we fought for nearly twenty years to find the new place in the world to which that bullet sent us all.

from the author’s website…Paula Butturini

Paula Butturini wrote on her blog abour her book review  on April 11th, 2010 | Permalink | Comments (5)

It has been an extraordinary time for Keeping the Feast in recent weeks:

–MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski wrote a remarkably strong review in the New York Times Book Review of March 21, calling it a “blunt and brave memoir.”

–Two days later, NPR’s Linda Wertheimer aired an interview about the book on ‘Morning Edition.’

–On March 28, Keeping the Feast was listed as an Editor’s Choice selection in the NYTimes Book Review.

–Then National Catholic Reporter’s editor-at-large Tom Roberts wrote a powerful review that captured the three major threads of the book: not just clinical depression and its affects on family life, nor the sharing of food around a family table as a source of healing and strength, but also the power and comfort of spirituality in confronting what sometimes seems like “life’s holy mess.”….



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