Murder Boogies With Elvis : A Southern Sisters Mystery


One-time school teacher Anne George began her writing career with a book entitled Wild Goose Chase, published in 1982 by the small Alabama publishing house Druid Press, which she cofounded. Over two decades she contributed short stories and poems to literary magazines, coedited an anthology of poetry by Alabama women, and wrote seven mysteries featuring the irascible “Southern Sisters” Patricia Anne and Mary Alice. Readers know George‘s mysteries for their middle-aged sleuths, humorous dialogue, and comic situations rather than their plots, which have variously been called fragile or derivative. Shortly before her death in 2001 due to complications of cardiac surgery, George saw the publication of a collection of her verse, entitled The Map That Lies between Us: New and Collected Poems, 1980-2000.

In 1996 George made her debut as a mystery writer with Murder on a Girls’ Night Out, which features unlikely sleuth Patricia Anne Hollowell, a retired teacher suddenly drawn into the world of murder investigation when her flamboyant sister, Mary Alice, becomes proprietor of a country-music nightclub. George constructs a plot that centers around the slaying of the club’s former owner and the prime suspect in the deed–coincidentally, one of Hollowell’s favorite students from her classroom days. A review of Murder on a Girls’ Night Out in Publishers Weekly offered a mixed assessment: as a crime novel, its solution involved too many flimsy links and long-dormant secrets, but the reviewer praised George for her “sprightly dialogue and a humorous eye for detail.”

Patricia Anne and Mary Alice return  in Murder Boogies with Elvis was. This is George‘s last Southern Sisters” publication, though not her last published work. This novel recounts the adventures of the sisters as they investigate the murder of an Elvis Presley impersonator who was one of a group of such impersonators at a benefit. Like the real Elvis, George will likely linger through her poetry and the colorful characters that she brought to life in her mysteries. “Thanks for all the sweet tea,” concluded DeCandido.

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Read the book for Adult Summer Reading Game @ the libary  startting June 15, 2010:  and paticipate in the weekley drawing for prizes.

The Senior Center Book Club is also reading  this book for the Month of June.

Hope You Can Come!

Meeting 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Tuesday June 22, 2010

Conference Room

Ruggieri Senior Center

33997 Alvarado-Niles Road

Union City

for more info , Call Suzanne Ortt    510-489-3793


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