Aging Artfully

AGING Artfully is a  photo-documentary of 12 remarkable San Francisco Bay Area women artists, musicians, dancers and storytellers, 85-105. In a world full of negative aging images, “Aging Artfully,” illustrates the fact that old age can be a fulfilling time of creative exression and gratification – not of inactivity and loneliness.


On Creativity

Down in front of my apartment building I stood waiting for a friend…Near me, barely visible in the tall grass, a pipe started spewing soap suds. I could smell laundry detergent…Two little girls came by. They squatted down to look. I heard them saying something like, “Magic! Magic Bubbles! Fairy foam? Yes! Coming up from way, way down deep in the earth when there’s a magic…” At that point a Grown Up came hurrying along. She paused just long enough to look down at the children and say in a loud voice, “That’s overflow from some washing machine up in the apartment building.” she hurried on, The little girls immediately scrambled to their feet and ran away How I wish the Grown Up had kept quiet. Magic! Washing machines! The children had been building a fairy tale-imagining, creating.

Isabel Ferguson, age 89. April 2006

“Every child is an artist . The problem is how to remain an artist once one grows up.”

Pablo Picasso


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