Wedding Season & the American Love Stories

Library Journal Reviews
Best-selling novelist Fforde, of the lighthearted British chick-lit variety (Wild Designs), doesn’t stray from her niche in this wedding-themed romantic romp. Sarah is a powerhouse wedding planner, though cynical to the core about love after her first serious boyfriend hurt her, and she refuses to yield to her obvious attraction to Hugo, photographer extraordinaire. Elsa is a dressmaker soon enlisted as part of Sarah’s planning team, along with Bron, a hairstylist and budding cake maker. Each woman comes to the new friendship with romantic woes to sort through and a new life to create. Caught in a frenzy between arranging a celebrity wedding (recommended by the mysterious Hugo, thus throwing them together for greater amounts of time) and her own pregnant sister’s on the same day, Sarah needs to learn to rely on others for help and to let down her guard. VERDICT At times a bit trite but otherwise solidly written for its genre, this light, amusing happily-ever-after will appeal to fans of Bridget Jones’s Diary and other British chick lit.—Julie Kan

Love stories, American

Hot Chocolate

With delectable stories by USA Today bestselling authors Suzanne Forster and Lori Foster-and national bestselling authors Elda Minger and Fayrene Preston-this popular anthology is sweet, steamy, and very satisfying.  

If you are not reading romance , try mystry and participate in Adult Summer Reading Game!

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