Monday Children’s Book Reviews for July 26

Back to Bed, Ed! by Sebastien Braun

“Ed, an adorable mouse, loves his bedtime routine. He plays with his dad, gets a drink, brushes his teeth, has a bubble bath and a story, and then is tucked in for the night. But Ed does not like staying in bed. Night after night he wakes his parents and climbs in with them, ignoring the cries of “Back to bed, Ed!” His exhausted parents can take no more and one night Ed discovers a “closed” sign on their tightly shut door. Dad emerges and escorts his son back to his own bed. But the unhappy mouse does not stay put. Instead he gathers up all his stuffed friends and brings them to bed too, declaring, “There’s no need to be scared…I’m here now.” Finally he is able to sleep in his own bed.”             [JPB BRAUN]

Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French

“Clandestine e-mail exchanges, secret trips, fake press releases, and a tree-house standoff are among the clever stunts and pranks the kid heroes pull off in this exciting ecological adventure.

“Sibley Carter is a moron and a world-class jerk!” When Julian Carter-Li intercepts an angry e-mail message meant for his high-powered uncle, it sets him on the course to stop an environmental crime!

His uncle’s company plans to cut down some of the oldest and last California redwood trees, and its up to Julian, and a ragtag group of friends, to figure out a way to stop them. This action-packed debut novel shows the power of determined individuals, no matter what their age, to stand up to environmental wrongdoing.        [J FRENCH]

Hide and Seek First Words written by Dawn Sirett, designed by Rachael Parfitt and Victoria Palastanga, photography by Dave King

“A picture-and-word book featuring dozens of full-page photographs showing collections of objects in a single category, such as sports, animals and clothing, that the youngest children can search and discover, learning new words along the way.”         [J428.1 SIRETT]


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