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Flirting With Pride And Prejudice:

Fresh Perspectives On The Original Chick Lit Masterpiece

“Although Jane Austen is often acknowledged as the godmother of the Regency romance (of course, she was writing contemporary love stories at the time), the writers to this review collection intend to prove that Austen’s masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice, provide the model for today’s chick-lit fiction. The witty introduction by romance author Jennifer Crusie presents a crisp and witty introduction, a selected and diverse mix of popular romance authors explores a variety of topics.” Booklist Reviews

They deliciously compared how much today’s woman has in common with Austen’s heroines.  Each article in this book stands by itself and addresses the different feminine issue in an entertaining tone. They all stay faithful to the original novel voice and tone to talk to the readers of their understanding and comparison…as Crusie states in the introduction”kick back and read on.”

The Lady Investigates:

Women Detectives and Spies in Fiction

Look into the genre of detective fiction to examine the changing roles of women as author, victim, and investigatorPatricia Craig and Mary Cadogan have pointed out how various kinds of fiction reflect changing social attitudes and especially the changing position of women.


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