Monday Children’s Book Reviews for August 23

Big Rig Bugs by Kurt Cyrus

“Bugs do the heavy lifting in this unique spin on bugs and trucks in action

“Clear that thicket, dozer cricket.

“Ants that sift, sort and lift.

“Big bug rig, watch it dig.

“Lifting, sorting, digging, and hauling are dirty jobs, but someone’s got to do them. So when a construction worker throws away a half-eaten sandwich, a crew of bugs gets to work clearing the area of debris. See how bugs and trucks have much in common — an ant is just like a forklift and a cricket can act as a bulldozer.”                             [JPB CYRUS]

The Junkyard Wonders by Patricia Polacco

“When young Trisha finds out her class at the new school is known as ‘The Junkyard’ she is devastated. She moved from her old town so she wouldn’t be in a special class anymore! But then she meets her teacher, the quirky and invincible Mrs. Peterson, and her classmates, an oddly brilliant group of students each with his or her own unique talent. And it is here in The Junkyard that Trisha learns the true meaning of genius, and that this group of misfits are, in fact, wonders, all of them.”

Based on a real-life event in Patricia Polacco’s childhood, this ode to teachers will inspire all readers to find their inner genius.             [JPB POLACCO]

Pony Crazy by Catherine Hapka

“No one loves horses more than Meg. She has pony books, pony toys, and even a pony rug! But Meg lives in the big city and has never been around real ponies before. Then her family moves to the country, and on her first day of school, Meg makes a new friend — a friend who lives on a horse farm! Beginning readers will cheer as Meg meets, feeds, and grooms her very first horses.”

Pony Scouts Series, an I Can Read Level 2                      [JE HAPKA]

After All, You’re Callie Boone by Winnie Mack

“Oh, fishsticks, tartar, and a side of fries!”

 “Runaway ferrets, former BFF drama-trauma, and one GIGANTIC (and very, very public) belly flop. No doubt about it, Callie Boone’s summer is CRUMMY. The only things keeping her afloat are dive practice with her dad and a top-secret Olympic dream. Then a boy named Hoot — who is NOT her boyfriend! — moves in next door and turns her world upside down and right-side up.

“Just when things start looking up, real disaster strikes and Callie feels like she’s stuck at the top of the high diving board with no way down. What if she can’t fix all the things that need fixing? She’ll just have to try! With a little luck, a solid plan, and a whole lot of teamwork, she just might make it through.

 “After all, she’s Callie Boone!”                    [J Mack]


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