Paradise Beneath Her Feet

How Women are Transforming the MIDDLE EAST

In this timely book, Coleman journeys through the strategic crescent of the greater Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to reveal how activists are working within the tenets of Islam to create economic, political, and educational opportunities for women.

“Women are on the front line, of our most critical human rights struggle today, particularly in war torn countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan.Isobele Colemanhas written a deeply engaging book that show how Muslim women-and men-across the greater Middle East are driving social justice by promoting cultural changefrom within their own societies. This is a the must-read for anyone who cares about truly sustainable development.”

Angelina Jolie, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador & Co-Chair of the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation


Stones into Schools : Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan

In this dramatic first-person narrative, Greg Mortenson picks up where Three Cups of Tea left off in 2003, recounting his relentless, ongoing efforts to establish schools for girls in Afghanistan; his extensive work in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan after a massive earthquake hit the region in 2005; and the unique ways he has built relationships with Islamic clerics, militia commanders, and tribal leaders even as he was dodging shootouts with feuding Afghan warlords and surviving an eight-day armed abduction by the Taliban. He shares for the first time his broader vision to promote peace through education and literacy, as well as touching on military matters, Islam, and women-all woven together with the many rich personal stories of the people who have been involved in this remarkable two-decade humanitarian effort.


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