Monday Children’s Book Reviews for October 11

Hello, Puppy! by Jane Cowen-Fletcher

“Who can resist? Any child who has ever wished for or had a new puppy will delight in this cozy portrait of puppy love.

“What’s that puppy doing? Sleeping, playing, running — all the things every new puppy loves to do.”         [JPB COWEN-FLETCHER]

Brain Freeze by J. E. Bright    DC Super Friends Step Into Reading Step 2

“The city of Metropolis shivers when it feels Mr. Freeze’s icy touch. But never fear: BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and the rest of the DC Super Friends will melt this coldhearted villain’s frosty plans! This Step 2 Step into Reading book is easy—and fun—for children ages 4 to 7 to read.”               [JE BRIGHT]

Imaginalis by J. M. DeMatteis

“What if your dearest friends were trapped in a world that was dying?

“Mehera Beatrice Crosby has one great love — and it’s not following the latest health fads (like her school friend Celeste), and it’s definitely not Andrew Suarez (even if he does have a ridiculous crush on her). It’s Imaginalis, her favorite book series.

“When she learns that the long-awaited last book in the series has been canceled, Mehera is devastated — until strange events begin unfolding, and she realizes that her Imaginalian friends are counting on her to rescue them from their fading existence. Soon Mehera finds herself traveling between her world and the kingdom of Imaginalis. But what will happen when she accidentally brings the villain of the series, Pralaya, back to Earth, along with Prince Imagos and his Companions? Has Mehera doomed both worlds beyond repair, or is there a way to save Mehera’s world — and Imaginalis, too?”             [J DeMATTEIS]

Backyard: Fun Experiments for Budding Scientists by Lisa Burke

“Each spread contains a kid-friendly science experiment for very young readers, with fold-out flaps that demonstrate the science behind the project which introduces natural phenomena and the outside world in simple, accessible ways.”         [J507.8 BURKE]

The Book of Potentially Catastrophic Science by Sean Connolly

“From the author of The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science (2008), this volume approaches science historically, spotlighting certain periods, processes, individuals, discoveries, and inventions. Each of the 34 chapters includes a discussion and one or two related activities, such as making a Stone Age tool, creating an earthquake in Jell-O, building a parachute for an egg drop, and extracting a banana’s DNA. Safety concerns are addressed for each project, and adult help will be necessary to complete some of the experiments successfully.”    [j507.8 CONNOLLY]



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2 responses to “Monday Children’s Book Reviews for October 11

  1. Kat

    Your links on Brain Freeze are pulling up a Bullet in a bible in the Teen Collection.

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