Books for Small Business

e-Riches 2.0

In a good economics and bad , someone  still making lots of money. There is a very good chance that their success involves savvy use of the emerging Social Web. Today the public is online, even if one’s business has nothing to do with the Net, computers, or technology. To keep up with the competition, one need to promote what one sell by using the latest online marketing techniques to interacts with the customers.

Scott Fox , the author of this book helped many people maximize profits with his strategies. For example:

1-put free social networking sites like LinkelIn, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and MySpace to work for your business.

2-Influence online marketing to spread your brand, build your own customer communities online, and manage your “reputation cloud”

3-Inexpessively use blogs, Rss,  Feeds, email and auto responders to spread your product presence worldwide.

4-Take advantage of online video, Internet, radio, free webinars and podcasts to attract new customers…

Scott Fox is the +1 e-business advisor and internet success coach in Hollywood. He is also popular speaker at UCLA, NYU, and  USC. His website is



It is difficult time for small business to experience, but history shows that if you make it through a severe economic downturn , chances are your business will emerge more focused more competitive and more the book Conquer the chaos : how to grow a successful small business without going crazy , two successful entrepreneurs provide six strategies to bring order to a business–not just to survive, but to thrive. They outline six strategies that small business owners can use to build their business and yet have time to spend with their families, make money, have control, and achieve purpose. They describe how to gain control of the chaos by building emotional capital, practicing disciplined optimism, asserting entrepreneurial independence, centralizing and organizing operations.

Mask and Martineau, entrepreneurs who co-founded an email marketing software company for small businesses. 



 For more items on Small Business Management check here! 





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