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Rethinking The American Dream in a New Economy

Library Journal Reviews

Retirement is a major milestone in many individuals’ lives. It can be a time of great enjoyment or fraught with headaches owing to a lack of funds associated with poor planning. Salsbury (executive vice president, Jackson Life Distributors; But What If I Live?: The American Retirement Crisis) combines psychology and finance—or behavioral economics—to address the retirement-planning process. He examines mindsets that often interfere with maximizing future incomes, identifying ten main “destructive financial behaviors.” These faulty strategies include spending behaviors that differ when using credit cards and cash, dependence on home appreciations to fund retirements, ignorance about how taxes impact funds and about tax-deferred financial instruments, and procrastination and overconfident behaviors that delay the building of a nest egg. Salsbury has used his extensive communications background to conduct focus groups to collect data and clarify investors’ thought patterns. VERDICT Individuals, regardless of age, should read this illuminating book because it will assist them with developing meta-cognition about life planning.

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