Coyote Hills Nature Preserve Naturalist Recreates The World of the Ohlones at UC Library

Using Ohlone tool to make a hole in leather hide

This past Monday afternoon kids and parents at Union City Library were transported back in time to relive the culture and life of the Ohlones during a visit to the Library by naturalist Dino Labiste of Coyote Hills Regional Park. He brought with him a fascinating display of artifacts showing how the Ohlones lived in harmony with nature.                                                                                                                                            

Dressing like the Ohlones

Trying on the Ohlone Carry Basket

He demonstrated how they used what was part of their natural environment to make tools and practical as well as beautiful essential household items.  Some adventurous members of the audience got to dress up as Native Americans and try out their tools. Hands in the audience were shooting up often as many of the kids in the crowd asked thoughtful questions sparked by Dino’s presentation.  To find out more about the Coyote Hills Regional Park and their programs you can contact Dino at


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