The weather is pleasant , the flowers are blooming, out of the soil, The swallows are returnnig to begin the song -of the hope!

In Pursuit of Silence: listening for meaning in a world of noise

Prochnik (Putnam Camp: Sigmund Freud, James Jackson Putnam, and the (Purpose of American Psychology) covers a topic of growing interest—how to find quiet in our noise-polluted world. Unlike Gordon Hempton and John Grossmann (One Square Inch of Silence), Prochnik is not writing with an agenda; he also avoids being political or superficial. Instead, he carefully explores the issue
from multiple directions to understand why some of us crave quiet and others do not and the implications of constant noise on our hearing and behavior as well as on society at large. Prochnik visits a monastery to discuss silence with monks and interviews medical, psychological, and acoustic specialists. He also examines, noise mapping, deaf architecture, our speech and how our minds process silence, and the “noise” our ears hear if we are deaf or in a completely quiet environment. He concludes that the conflict between silence and noise will not disappear, that a small expenditure on expanding silence provides larger returns than a huge expenditure on reducing noise, and, most important, that noise is changing our society. VERDICT This significant book will appeal to readers who enjoyed Anne LeClaire’s Listening Below the
Noise and Sara Maitland’s A Book of Silence as well as fans of Malcolm Gladwell and Daniel Gilbert.  –Library Journal Reviews  Celebrate Creating  the community through Art@ the Library   on  Saturdays March 5th and March 26 Shahrzad Dance Academy


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