Buddha collapsed out of shame

A poetic look at how violence and tragedy shape the lives and minds of children. Set in the Afghan town of Bamian, amidst the rubble of the massive statues of Buddha blown up by the Taliban in 2001, the film follows the trials of a little girl who wants to go to the school for girls across the river from her home. The everyday obstacles she faces turn this small ambition into an epic struggle, with unexpected emotional and political resonance.

A film by Hana Makhmalbaf, Date of Birth 3 September 1988, Tehran, Iran

Her first short film was shown at the Locarno Film Festival (Ticino, Switzerland) when she was eight years old.Almost barred from attending the premiere of her film, “Joy of Madness” – a documentary on the making of her sister’s film, “At Five in the Afternoon” – at the Venice Film Festival due to her age. Under Italian law, minors cannot see a movie which have no rating. Organizers said they had never had to deal with the age-limit issue before. Makhmalbaf is the youngest director to ever compete at the Festival. (28 August 2003)Started the Mahkmalbaf Film School after she finished second grade and studied cinema for 5 years.

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