Monday Children’s Book Reviews for April 18, 2011

Job Site by Nathan Clement

“The boss of a construction site gives instructions to his workers, and they carry them out with a bulldozer, an excavator, a loader, a dump truck, a compactor, a mixer, and a crane, until the job is done.”                             

By the author of Drive.                           [JPB CLEMENT]

Game Day Jitters by Rich Wallace

“Filled with on-the-field soccer scenes, black-and-white artwork, and sports statistics throughout, this short novel follows nine-year-old Ben and his fourth-grade team, the Bobcats, as they race to the Kickers League playoffs. Ben knows he’s one of the team’s strongest players, but he’s been struggling with the jitters. He’s just freezing up on the field. Can he pull through for his teammates now that they really need him?”  The fourth book in the Kickers series.                                  [J WALLACE]

The Reinvention of Bessica Lefter by Kristen Tracy

“After an unfortunate incident at the hair salon, Bessica is not allowed to see her best friend, Sylvie. That means she’s going to start middle school a-l-o-n-e. Bessica feels like such a loser. She wants friends. She’s just not sure how to make them.

It doesn’t help that her beloved grandma is off on some crazy road trip and has zero time to listen to Bessica. Or that Bessica has a ton of homework. Or that gorgeous Noll Beck thinks she’s just a kid. Or that there are some serious psycho-bullies in her classes. Bessica doesn’t care about being popular. She just wants to survive — and look cute. Is that too much to ask when you’re eleven?”                                     [J TRACY]


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