Monday Children’s Book Reviews for April 25, 2011

Monsters Eat Whiny Children by Bruce Eric Kaplan

“Henry and Eve are two perfectly delightful children who happen to be going through a terrible phase where they whine all day and night.

“Their kindly father warns them that monsters eat whiny children. Of course they don’t pay attention, until one day …a monster shows up at their door.

“But that is just the beginning.”                            [JPB KAPLAN]

Small Persons With Wings by Ellen Booraem

“Ever since she was teased for believing in fairies, Mellie has adopted a strictly scientific and logical approach to life. But when her parents inherit her grandfather’s inn, she learns that for generations, her family members have been fairy guardians. The fairies exchanged some of their powers for this protection but now they want their magic back. An evil temptress in disguise wants the magic too, and before she knows it, Mellie is turned into a frog, her grandfather is discovered alive, and her parents are trapped in an evil spell that only lets them see the truth (which can be awfully brutal). Thank goodness for Timmo – the cute boy next door – and Durindana, a fairy outcast, who help Mellie save the day and encourage her to loosen up her views on family, fairies, and friendship.

“This is a hilarious, irreverent, and highly sarcastic take on fairies – who, by the way, just hate to be called fairies.”                                 [J BOORAEM]

Lemonade, and Other Poems Squeezed From a Single Word by Bob Raczka

“Play with your words! A brand new poetic form that turns word puzzles into poetry.

 “Part anagram, part rebus, part riddle — these poems are sweet and sometimes funny, but always clever, fun to read and even more fun for kids to write.”               [J811.6 RACZKA]


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