Nutrition, Diet, and Consumer

The Food Bible/ Judith Wills presents the facts consumers need to eat well throughout their lives and demonstrates how to combine healthful ingredients to create delicious meals. From an invaluable look at the “super-foods” that provide essential nutrition and protection against serious diseases, to special plans for weight control, to suggestions for satisfying a wide range of needs and taste preferences, The Food Bible features: * Dozens of tips on what to eat — and what to avoid — if you suffer from allergies, digestive problems, insomnia, PMS, arthritis, and other common ailments * No-nonsense evaluations of seven popular dieting methods; three customized dieting plans; and a four-week course in getting and staying slim * 100 recipes, with complete nutritional breakdowns, for everything from snacks and soups to main courses and desserts * At-a-glance reference charts covering more than 350 foods and including information on fat, calorie, and cholesterol content, fiber and sugar content.

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Depletion and abundance : life on the new home front

by Sharon Astyk

Astyk left academia to farm with her family in upstate New York and of course write about it, on the Internet and here. The subtitle is “One Woman’s Solutions to Finding Abundance for Your Family while Coming to Terms with Peak Oil, Climate Change, and Hard Times.” Her organizing themes are the current world situation, money and the economy, real family values, home economics and home-land security, the new basics of food and health, and recompense.

The conscious kitchen : the new way to buy and cook food– to protect the Earth, improve your health, and eat deliciously.     byAlexandra Zissu

Outlines practical steps for making healthy and environmentally friendly cooking choices, drawing on the expertise of chefs, food scientists and farmers to address topics ranging from buying locally grown ingredients to understanding organic principles.


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