Monday Children’s Book Reviews for August 8, 2011

Hugless Douglas by David Melling

“Douglas is a big, brown, lovable bear, who wakes up one morning in need of a hug. He sets off to find one, but none of them seem quite right.”

A big rock is too heavy, a tree is splintery – and neither is very cozy. A big bush looks cozy, but it is fullof sheep who aren’t in the mood to be hugged by a bear. The rabbit he meets next also doesn’t want a hug, but he can show Douglas where to find one.                     [JPB MELLING]

Labracadabra by Jessie Nelson

Zach has always wanted a dog, and one day his parent surprise him — a dog of his own! But is it a puppy? Is it a chocolate Lab or a golden retriever? No! It’s a full grown mixed breed named Larry! What kind of name for a dog is Larry?

But Larry has a great long tail, and that tail just seems to be at the right place in the right time whenever Zach needs it. Is his new dog magic?                                    [J Moving Up NELSON]

A Gaggle of Goblins by Suzanne Harper

In this first book in the series The Unseen World of Poppy Malone, “Eleven-year-old Poppy’s parents are paranormal investigators who have never actually found anything, but that may change when they move to Austin, Texas, and Poppy meets a goblin in the attic of their new house.”


How Do You Measure Time? by Thomas K. and Heather Adamson

“How many hours do you sleep? How many minutes does it take to eat your cereal? Learn how clocks and calendars help you tick off the seconds, hours, days, and years.”



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